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Instawhite Express

The worlds fastest chair side bleaching system is the answer for those patients living busy lifestyles who want whiter teeth immediately.

Instawhite Express is a super quick chair side whitening treatment.

The revolutionary treatment requires minimal chair time taking a total only 15 minutes. The instawhite pre loaded whitening tray features advanced air pocket technology, a mixture of catalyst activators and 6% hydrogen peroxide producing a rapid whitening effect. With instawhite you get the fastest, deepest results possible in only 15 minutes.

Due to the silica content and moisturisers clients will not experience any whitening of the gum, pain or sensitivity.

instawhite 1 hour chair side consists of three 20 minute whitening sessions applied via a precision application syringe. Your dental professional will apply the slow releasing 6% hydrogen peroxide to each tooth individually. This enables the dental professional to individually target darker teeth creating the perfect smile while you sit in the dental chair and relax.

instawhite 1 hour is the perfect treatment for patients with deeply stained, yellow or naturally darker teeth. You will always get whiter teeth instantly with instawhite.

instawhite at home whitening is a teeth whitening course designed to be used day or night in the privacy of your own home.

With a wear time from only 15 minutes applied once a day, the instawhite gel is the perfect product to top up your whitening treatment or fully whiten your teeth at home.

Our highest grade translucent gel contains a unique blend of carbamide peroxide and conditioners. Available in 12% and 18% for reduced sensitivity you will only need to wear instawhite at home gel for a minimum of 15 minutes to a maximum of 1 hour.

instawhite home whitening gel is super fast, you will see the whiteness of your teeth develop instantly. instawhite at home should be applied using custom made trays made by your dental professional.

Your dental professional will recommend the product best suited to your teeth, lifestyle and desired result.

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